Welcome to Montrose Primary School

Montrose Primary School is located at the heart of Montrose, a township which is situated at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. The school was established in 1880 and has a long and celebrated history of serving the learning needs of the people in this district.


Our School seeks to empower each one of its students. We aim to provide a learning environment where children will be able to achieve to the maximum of their learning ability. The program of learning and the relationships within the school are designed to develop not only the intellect, but also the feelings, the body and the spirit of each child. We aim to provide a sense of purpose and a zest for life. We seek to help build self-confidence and self esteem in the students so that when it is time for them to leave the school and launch themselves into post-primary education, they will approach this new challenge with verve, confidence and a good feeling about themselves and what the future may offer.


We welcome all interested community members to our school. School visits can be arranged at any time during the week. Simply contact us and we will be most happy to show you around our classrooms and grounds.

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