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First e-news edition


Message from the Principal

We are very excited to have news that students will be returning back onsite in Term 4. Montrose Primary has certainly not been the same without the beautiful smiles, inquisitive minds and positive energy of our students. The timeline for return is not as quick as we would have hoped, but the return is in sight. We are preparing for this transition with a range of wellbeing and learning information being gathered by teachers over the weeks prior to onsite attendance. Considerable thought is also being given to how we make this time particularly special for our Grade 6 students given the restrictions that will still be in place. Both primary and particularly secondary school settings will be making plans and adjustments in light of COVID-19 to support our Grade 6 students with transitioning.


Enrolments & student numbers for 2021

At this point in time we have completed the Prep 2021 enrolment process and are revising our student numbers for next year. Having accurate information on enrolments is critical to our planning of 2021 grade structures and our staffing profile.

Please contact the office as soon as possible if:

  • You have not enrolled your child into Prep for 2021
  • Your child/ren will not be attending Montrose P.S in 2021 due to a change in circumstances


Prep 2021 Transition program

Yesterday our Prep team attended a Department of Education Webex meeting regarding planning for Prep transition. A Prep transition program will certainly run and at this point in time we will be creating plans for both an Onsite and Remote program, so that we are ready to go regardless of the mode of delivery. The Prep team have run the Prep 2021 Term 3 Bookworm program remotely and have been delighted with the involvement and feedback from our kinder kids and families. Well done kinder kids!!


2021 Student packs and bulk supplies

A notice has been emailed out to all families regarding the ordering of 2021 student packs. We are again utilising the services of Ross Office Supplies to coordinate our Student Pack ordering and collection of money for class materials, voluntary contributions and excursion levies. Families have a choice as to whether they opt into the excursion levy scheme. It is possible to opt into the scheme at any point in time and top up amounts as you go. Many families find this a convenient and efficient service for the paying of excursions and other events.

We understand that some families may be experiencing financial difficulty and we offer a range of support options, including:

  • Payment plans - which can be arranged at the office
  • The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund
  • State School's Relief Fund

For a confidential discussion about accessing these services, in cases of financial hardship, or if you would like to discuss alternative payment arrangements, contact either Sue Guthrie or Linda Campbell on Phone: 9728 2203 | Email:

If you need support with any aspect of the ordering process please do not hesitate to make contact with the office.

Kind Regards,

Kylie Fisher

New Gym Build Progress

The new gym build continues to take shape!

Although progress has been slow these past 6 weeks with only 5 workers able to be on-site, the new gym continues to take shape! At this stage, we are looking at a 4 week delay due to Stage 4 restrictions, however an early November handover is looking promising.

Concrete to the front of the gym was poured last Friday with excavations for the landscaping beginning too. Court lighting has also been completed. Internal plastering of the storerooms, change rooms and disabled change room has begun.

Next week plastering continues internally and acoustic ply sheeting on the top half of the stadium walls will begin to go up. We’ll also have Acromat visit to measure up for the glass backboards, rings, scoreboards, shot clocks and line marking.

It’s exciting to think that we’ll have use of the gym during Term 4 when all students are back at school!

Take care,


Early Finish - End of Term - 2:30pm

A reminder to all of our on-site students that there will be a 2:30pm finish on Friday 18th September.

Have a fantastic break!

From the Office

All the latest news from the MPS Office!

New Newsletter Format

We hope you enjoy the new e-news format for our newsletter and that this new format is easier for parents to read and access on their mobile devices.  If you have any feedback at all, please let us know by emailing us at

Early dismissal

Friday 18th September is the last day of term.
For all families attending on site - please don't forget that there is a 2:30pm dismissal!

2021 Book Packs

A reminder to all families that ordering is now opened for your 2021 student book packs and bulk supplies.  Please see the flyer included in this newsletter.



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