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A Message from the Principal

Congratulations Mrs Amanda Johnson!!

This year Mandy has reached the milestone of 35 years working with the Department of Education. Her contributions to education as both a classroom teacher, Art teacher, Team leader, school production guru, colleague, friend and school community member are outstanding and we congratulate her on this wonderful achievement.

Prep 2021 Transition

On Friday we commenced our first onsite transition visits for our Prep 2021 students in small groups of 10. There was a beautiful excitement evident on the faces of our kinder children as they entered the site and spent time with a Prep 2021 teacher and other kinder students. What a blessing it has been to be able to have the children attend onsite rather than undertake their transition over Webex.


For the remainder of this term we will alternate assemblies with newsletters. Communication will also continue through Sentral emails to update the community in a timely fashion around other matters.

Parent Opinion survey

An email has been sent out to families making you aware of the opportunity to provide feedback through our annual Parent Opinion survey. This usually is undertaken by a small random sample of parents but this year in light of the pandemic we have been allowed to open it up to all families. I really encourage you to take the time to complete the survey and share your feedback. There is one survey per family set of children. The survey closes this week.

Class Placement

Every year a significant amount of thought and time is put into the collection of data for class development. The goal is to produce classes at each year level that are balanced in terms of many factors such as academics, social/emotional needs, personalities, gender and special needs. Input is provided by class teachers, children have input into friendships and parents may provide input regarding any timely information about their child. All this information is then entered into a program called “Class Builder” where the crunching begins. We move through several drafts of classes until we find a match that has the minimal number of inputs that have not been met. As you can imagine it is not possible to meet all the requirements entered. However, after using “Class Builder” for the last few years we have been very pleased with the outcomes. We will be aiming, this year in particular, to have small groups of children from each class move forward together so that transitioning from 2020 to 2021 is as seamless as possible. Parent requests close end of day Friday 13th November.


A reminder that students need to be wearing hats when outdoors in Term 4.


Kylie Fisher

From the Office

All the latest news from the Office!

Parent Opinion Survey

Every family should have received an email with an invitation to participate in the Parent Opinion survey.  Only one person per family may submit a response. 

If you have not received your unique key via email please contact us on 

Please note that this survey closes on Friday 13th November

Class Requests for 2021

Parent input closes Friday 13th November end of school day and should be sent via email to . Alternatively you may phone if a discussion is required. Requests are not guaranteed.

Return of Loan Devices

If you had borrowed a device for Remote Learning and have not done so already, we ask that these are returned to the office ASAP.  Please send them in with your child and have them drop it to the school office so we can mark the device as returned.

Thank you!

Collecting your children early - Process

If you require your children to be collected early from school, please arrive at the school office door and ring the bell.  We will then call your child's classroom and have them collected for you.

Please Note:  It can be very challenging to collect children at lunch play.  The times for this are:  12:45-1.30 for P-2, and 1.30-2.15 for 3-6.  If possible, lease endevour to arrive either before or after these times as it makes collecting your child much easier.

Goods & Services

The Department of Education & Early Childhood Development does not endorse the products or services of any private advertiser. No responsibility is accepted by the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development for accuracy of information contained in the advertisements to claims made by them.

You Can Do It Awards

You Can Do It award winners for this week This Term's You Can Do It key is Confidence.

Mia P - 4MS

Mia has made a seamless return to onsite learning this term, as demonstrated by her more regular contributions to classroom conversations and the quiet determined way that she completes all work tasks.  Well done Mia, keep believing in yourself and just remember that making mistakes does not equal failure - they are an important part of your learning journey

Harvey G - Prep BC

Confidence can be shown by someone when thy speak in front of a group, ask others if they can play, by sticking to the things they like even if others might not or even speaking up when someone says or does something they don't like.  Well this yung man from Prep BC does all these things daily, but what I am most proud to see is that throughout this year his confidence has grown in his abilities.  He is learning that even when things might make him nervous or he might not think he can achieve what is expectd, he has a go and knows that it is OK to make a mistake or need some extra help.  This is an element of confidence that can be tough to master but the way this champion is embracingit, he is going to achieve incredible things.  Congratulations for working so hard on your confidence Harvey Gonzalez from PCB.  You are amazing!

Abbey H - 56Q

Confidence is her superpower,
And the key to her success,
Regardless of the task at hand,
You are sure to be impressed.

When a task is a little challenging,
When others may run and hide,
She flexes her muscles confidently,
And calls to the masses 'step aside'.

I'll get it done, I know I can,
You just see her confidence grow,
Like climbing the impossible mountain,
Success is all she'll know.

All complete, the impossible done,
She moves on with a cheeky smirk,
No doubt others love the confidence,
That is Abbey Heemskerk.

GEM Award Winners

This week's GEM award winners
Jaylah WPBCKindness  
Jack JPKSKindness
Phoenix GPPMindfulness  
Indie G12TEmpathy
Mya T12TKindness
Cruz D1MRMindfulness
Lucy J1NJEmpathy
Adele J1TMGratitude
Tyler V2DNEmpathy
Zac W2DNMindfulness
Ruby R2LWKindness
Callum W2RHEmpathy
Emersyn P2RHEmpathy
Logan O34XNKindness
Logan N3MSGratitude
Zoe B3STKindness
Ashlee H4BHEmpathy
Maysa B4BHEmpathy & Kindness 
Gemma D4MSKindness
Roy M4PPMindfulness
Tahlia R4PPGratitude
Evan D4RCEmpathy & Kindness
Jack S5ABGratitude
Eva T5KOEmpathy & Kindness  
Finn M5RCEmpathy
Rylee H6KBGratitude  
Riley T6KGEmpathy & Kindness

Workers of the Week

This week's Workers of the Week award winners

Workers of the Week

Zara JPAPGrace M3ST
Zepp SPAPLuke O3ST
Ward TPBCElise F3RC
Hannah HPBCClaire C3RC
Aleeda FPKSNate T3RC
Logan BPKSMackenzie R3RC
Makayla F1TMAshlyn D34XN
Will M1TMJoshua B34XN
Frankie B1MRMatt A4BH
Harry F1MRReuben G4BH
Myla K1NJBen S4MS
Jayden B1NJTaylor H4PP
Charlotte E12TAsha T4PP
Hayden B12TMia M4PP
Jye M2RHPoppy G5RC
Olivia G2RHMatilda V5RC
Thomas C2DNHarrison W5AB
Jai W2DNJake H5AB
Jamie N2DNMatilda T5KO
Madison C2LWConnor R5KO
Falcon S2LWSebastian R6KB
Taylah N3MSTaj Cooke6KB
Nick G3MSXavier E6KG

E-Safety Education resources

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