Writers' Workshop

At Montrose Primary School, our students are encouraged to view themselves as authors. We write to entertain, inform and persuade a particular audience. Writing is viewed as a key skill to engage in society and we encourage our students to recognise these opportunities and write for authentic purposes. 


Our Writer’s Workshop gives our students an opportunity to learn the writing process and develop their own unique adaptation of this. They are explicitly taught the traits of effective writing to help them understand their strengths and areas of improvement. 


We use the connection between reading and writing to support students in creating their own texts. Our students learn to view authors as mentors. They use the skills and craft noticed in a text to help develop their own skills as writers.


All students have their own Writer’s Notebook where they practise the craft of writing. These notebooks are used to develop ideas, extend and elaborate their thinking and experiment with the craft of writing.  


Our students have choice in the texts they create and engage in authentic student driven writing experiences. At Montrose we endeavour to create lifelong writers!

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