On behalf of the staff, the School Council and Parents Club, I extend a very warm welcome to you and your child as members of the school community.


We aim to create a relaxed, harmonious, industrious atmosphere at Montrose. The school, which has been part of Montrose since 1880 is oriented towards the family and it exists to promote the growth of its members. The program of learning and the relationships within the school are designed to develop the intellectual, social, emotional and physical wellbing of each child.


We feel strongly that school is not simply a place where knowledge is transmitted and skills are taught. Whilst the pursuit of excellence in the academic subjects is emphasised, individual students are encouraged to work, play and grow together at their own pace. In order to achieve these aims, the school provides frequent opportunities for children to experience success and to increase their self confidence and self esteem.


An indication of the success or otherwise of a school is the sense of purpose and zest for life that it instils in its students. We anticipate that when it is time for Montrose Primary students to leave this school and launch themselves in post-primary education the children will approach this new challenge with verve, confidence and a good feeling about themselves and what the future has to offer them.


We look forward to working in partnership with parents, the children and the whole Montrose community.


Kylie Fisher

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