Getting Involved

It makes a huge difference to your child if you are able to be involved in their schooling in some way.


For some, this means helping in classrooms, with fundraising, at working bees, in the canteen, lending expertise to various projects, on Parents Club or School Council. There are many, many avenues to lend a helping hand.


For others, involvement in these ways simply isn’t possible, for a range of reasons. For your child, your involvement in supporting their learning, making time to chat about the day, keeping in touch with teachers and ensuring that you are up to date with your child’s progress at school is equally valuable.





It is important to establish and maintain co-operative Parent/Teacher and Home/School relationships. To this end, certain channels of communication have been established to promote closer liaison.





Student reports are sent home twice a year (June and December) in addition to student portfolios showcasing your child’s work. Parent/Teacher interviews occur twice a year with times available both during the day and of an evening. These interviews provide opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and developmental needs with their teacher, providing a forum for you to monitor progress and set future goals. We encourage families to attend both interview opportunities (Term 1 and 3) so that your child can be supported fully by the school and home partnership.



If you wish to speak to a teacher for more than a few minutes please make an appointment. Classes cannot be interrupted, unless for an emergency. Messages can be left at the school office.  The Principal or Assistant Principals are very happy to meet with parents regarding any matter. To arrange an appointment please phone 9728 2203 to determine a mutually appropriate time.





The newsletter with information on current activities and programs is emailed or available on the school website for each family on Tuesdays. The publication is also designed to serve the community and it contains contributions from a range of sources.


Our school Facebook Page and website  are also great sources of information. Become a Facebook friend to get regular school updates with photos from special events.

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