The Montrose Primary School Library is a core part of the school and its curriculum, and is managed by a qualified librarian.


Every child has access to our library through their weekly library sessions. All grade levels enjoy storytelling and shared reading time, led by their teacher. Not only do they learn about the wonderful world of books and literature, but they also learn research skills for locating information in the library and online.


Students are encouraged to borrow 2 books at a time, for a 2 week loan period. Our school library offers a large collection of books and other resources. There are picture story books, non-fiction (information) books and fiction (chapter) books for junior, middle and senior readers. There are also Teacher Resources, AV (DVD, CD, CDROM) and Parent Resources.



Our Parent Reference collection provides books and information on a range of parenting issues, from bullying and the death of a loved one to raising boys/girls and family cooking, just to name a few! Parents are welcome to join our school library to borrow these, and all, resources in the library.


Chatterboox Bookclub is run once a month for enthusiastic booklovers in Grades 5 & 6. This keen group come together at lunchtime to share reading experiences with the school librarian and a senior teacher, who are also keen booklovers. They also get to be the first to view the new books acquired for the library. Chatterboox kids are a great group!


The Buzz is a column published weekly in the school newsletter to promote a love of reading and showcase the terrific resources available in our school library. When you are next at our school, please come and visit our school library – it’s welcoming and vibrant, and a great place to be.

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