Integration Program

Our Philosophy

The Montrose PS Integration Program focuses on recognising and celebrating individual successes and differences. Our school embraces the contribution our special needs students bring to the whole school community and the impact they have on our values and the acceptance of all people.


Montrose Primary School is proud that its curriculum is inclusive of all children. We believe in naturally integrating and supporting special needs children within their classroom setting. Our integration aides work closely with classroom teachers to provide access to the curriculum and activities being undertaken in the classroom and specialist settings such as Art, Music, Drama, LOTE and P.E.


Targeted Support Groups

In addition to support in the classroom setting, the school offers a range of targeted groups that support students with their development. These include:

  • Social Skills Groups
  • STA (Speech Therapy Assistance) program
  • OK Kids Club – lunchtime play program
  • Gross Motor programs


Our Integration Staff

  • Undertake regular Student Support Group meetings involving the Integration Coordinator, Integration aide, classroom teacher and families. These meetings are undertaken to monitor each child’s progress with their current Individual Learning Plan and to develop goals for the next term.
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment
  • Foster children’s self-confidence to achieve their maximum potential
  • Provide opportunities for children to develop independence
  • Provide educational resources which cater for individual needs and varying disabilities
  • Make extensive use of technology such as iPads and laptops to support students with their learning
  • Undertake regular professional development to provide high levels of service
  • Have regular communication with parents via a range of avenues


Montrose Primary School also provides disabled facilities such as a disabled bathroom and ramps.


OK Kids Club


Social Skills Program


STA Program (Speech Therapy Assistance)


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