Student Wellbeing

 Sample strategies used to guide student behaviour

- Discussing the behaviour problems with the student and reaching an agreement for future behaviour

- Monitoring and providing feedback to students on their behaviour

- Peer Mediation, teacher mediation, and conflict resolution procedures.

- Allowing the student a “cooling off” period using a non-judgemental approach

- Providing counselling and training sessions for individuals to modify inappropriate behaviour

- Involving parents/caregivers to assist with modifying behaviour

- Seeking support and guidance from relevant departments and agencies


Positive Consequences

A most important aspect of the school’s approach to discipline is positive reinforcement for good behaviour. The yard duty teacher and the classroom teacher will use a variety of positive consequences to highlight and reinforce good behaviour:

- Recognition of behaviour that supports our You Can Do It and Values program

- A negotiated whole class reward system such as marbles in the jar.

- Certificates, stickers, awards

- House Points.

- Verbal positive reinforcement.





We highly value the provision of a Chaplaincy service to the school community three days a week. Ms Meagan Levey, our School Chaplain, works with students and families on a needs basis. The work that our Chaplain undertakes with students and families is of a non-religious basis, unless otherwise requested by the family involved. The Chaplain supports students and families with changes and challenges they may be experiencing in their lives such as:

- the loss of a loved one

- family separation

- dealing with cancer

- friendships, self-esteem

- anxiety

- anger


All dealings with the Chaplain remain highly confidential.


The School Chaplain provides opportunities for a range of group based supports according to community need. The types of programs that are undertaken include:

- Seasons for Growth (developing resilience to cope with change, loss and grief in our lives)

- Friendship Groups

- Targeted student groups responding to student/family needs

- Outsourced programs available through the community

Montrose PS is proud to acknowledge that the chaplaincy program is funded through the National Schools Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.

Click Here to read about a published magazine story 'To Chaplain or Not to Chaplain' with our principal Neil Pollard.

Puberty & Sex Education

In the senior years of primary school the students are involved in education programs related to Puberty and Sex Education. These are undertaken in gender based groups with a staff member who has undertaken professional training in the delivery of these programs.

Student Leadership

At Montrose Primary School we believe that leadership is about empowering children to be aware of school, local community and global issues and to initiate and manage projects that will impact in a positive fashion in all these areas. It is only by empowering our children that we can mould a generation that is intent upon creating a better world both now and for future generations to enjoy.


We have a wide range of Leadership positions across the school culminating in greater involvement in the senior years. Some of the leadership roles we offer include: School Captains, House Captains, Make a Difference Team, Junior School Council Representatives, You Can Do It leaders, Inspirations (Environmental leaders) and  Well-being Leaders.         



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