Effective & Engaging Classrooms

At the beginning of each year every class across the school runs an “Effective and Engaging Classroom’ program for two weeks where student and teacher contracts are developed collaboratively to set class expectations. A cooperative and productive learning environment is established through the You Can Do It program and our underlying Values for Life program. Team building activities, getting to know you activities, health education, social problem solving skills, anger management and the establishing of leadership positions across the school all take place during this time. Student and Teacher contracts are re-visited regularly through class meetings that are held on a weekly basis to address concerns and acknowledge class successes.


Our ‘You Can Do It’ program teaches children the 5 keys to success – confidence, getting along, organisation, persistence and resilience.  Through understanding and practising the thinking required for these children are able to develop skill in all areas. This program is closely linked to our everyday practices.


All classes have behaviour monitoring systems that indicate to children how they are progressing on a given day; these are 3 stage warning systems. Use of time out and a visit to one of the Assistant Principals or Principal, follow on from the class behaviour system. We work closely with families where children are experiencing difficulty with managing the expectations of the classroom and school. Individual behaviour plans, student support groups and a close partnership between family and school help to support children in developing the skills to manage classroom expectations. Consequences for poor behaviour are linked to the misbehaviour. Time is allowed for discussion and time to reflect on actions and to put in place strategies for changes in behaviour. Bullying is not tolerated and is acted upon promptly. We educate children about the importance of the ‘bystander’ and the ‘power of one’ to make a difference if unfriendly behaviour occurs. Empowering children to stand up for their rights and to speak out when concerned is vital. Our Class Meetings allow this opportunity on a regular basis in a supportive setting.


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