Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at Montrose Primary provides one semester courses in both Drama and Music.


The Music program is exciting and fun, with the students learning many different aspects of music, including:


  • analysing music
  • creating music
  • playing musical instruments - recorder, keyboard, percussion (and our new electronic drum kit)
  • dance and movement
  • singing - including learning correct vocal technique and breathing
  • learning musical terms and applying these to their playing


Drama at Montrose Primary School encourages self expression, communication skills and self confidence. Students act as if the world's their stage! 


Every second year, all students participate in a whole school production. In 2017, this was 'Shrek Jnr', which featured all the student in the whole school performing.


The Choir

Our school is very proud of our wonderful School Choir made up of children from Years 4 – 6. The Choir practices each week as well as performing at various venues and significant events.





Further to this children are also given the opportunity to learn a range of instruments such as Guitar, Keyboard, Drums (fee paying basis)


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