Phonics is to reading and spelling, what times tables are to mathematics. It is the foundation on which reading and spelling are built. The use of phonics for reading and writing is a life-long skill. Even the most literate of adults, when faced with an unfamiliar word, will revert to phonics to decode and encode.


The THRASS charts are pivotal to the THRASS Teaching Practice. They allow for ‘big picture’ learning and provide students practising THRASS with a charted, visual reference of linguistic and phonic facts.


What is THRASS?

THRASS stands for the Teaching of Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills.

THRASS is a phonics teaching tool designed to assist with all levels of literacy by teaching skills and understandings about our language that are linguistically correct, valid and sustainable. All staff are THRASS trained and accredited to maintain a unified teaching approach of these vital literacy skills across the entire school.


A large Thrass chart is an integral part of every classroom and the children have access to their own chart also. The THRASS chart is a comprehensive toolbox for teaching phonics that can explain the spelling of all words.



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